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What people have to say about Wasted Potential

"Of the 60+ acts I’ve booked for various gigs, perhaps no group has awed me more than WASTED POTENTIAL. Watching them, I find myself in a sort of stupor laughing- they just so blatantly defy any reasonable expectations given their youth. How can these kids be so GOOD?
Of course, they’re so much more than “impressive kids”. They're serious musicians. Seasoned students of the old Masters- Sabbath, Metallica, Misfits. Talented performers with a natural chemistry and sense of rawking out.   And the enthusiasm with which they approach playing is genuinely infectious.  Plus, by all accounts, they just seem to be good people - hard working, friendly, down to earth. 

If you’re a fellow fan of heavy rock music, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend checking out Wasted Potential"

~Wenonah Parks and Recreation


Wasted Potential rocked NYC's iconic The Bitter End in our lineup of incredibly talented young bands. They were very professional, arrived early, lightning fast set up, and stayed to support the other bands. Their set was super tight, with great stage energy! Excellent to work with!

-Lisa, Kids Rock For Kids


"Wasted Potential went above and beyond at our festival!  They took promotion very seriously, brought in a large and enthusiastic crowd, and then put on a great performance that left people buzzing about them afterwards!”

​~Medford Oktoberfest promoter


"Wasted Potential turned our son's high school grad party into an absolute legend! When thunder and lightning threatened our outdoor setup, these young pros seamlessly transitioned indoors and transformed our living room into an unforgettable party zone. They channeled their inner rock gods and gave us THE BEST PARTY!  Everyone had a great time - and our living room survived. As ironic as it sounds, Wasted Potential is going places! " 

~Jayne F., Private party host


"Wasted Potential is great! Very talented, an awesome addition to our nine band lineup. Very professional, they arrived early and started on time. Their set was tight and very together. Everyone is looking forward to them coming back. Thank you for being part of this year's Verga Vet Jam. Look forward to having you back soon.

I will definitely be in touch!

​~VF Entertainment


"Wasted Potential played at Collingswood’s Porchfest event and we were FLOORED at the raw talent, technical music skills and great attitude these kids have. I can honestly say that I see them having a fruitful music career ahead and look forward to seeing them get there!"

~Collingswood Porchfest host

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